Sunday, July 8, 2007

Drake Trip #3 - Mouse Trip #2

Andy and I decided to see if the Drakes are still going….

Well, we wee glad we made that call. The fishing was epic! I still can't get over the fact that we are tossing size 12 dry flies to feeding fish, simply awesome!! We spent the day fishing side by side.

The rules of the day were; each person had to use a dry fly only, catch a fish and your turn is over, hook a fish and turn is over, have three hits and your turn is over. It was a fun way to fish side by side in a small river. We ended the day with too many fish to count. Another great day on a small stream with nobody around!

We made it back to the car with plenty of time to spare. The question was, do we fish another stretch of the river or do we go to the lake and toss a rodent at some Cutthroat's…

Well the lake it is! We arrived at the lake to see a stunning sunset. We rigged up and off to the water. I started with a sinking line and a minnow pattern, glad I did! Picked up a nice one right away. Well, the next few hours were a bit frustrating. The wind kicked in and it made casting a large mouse a bit difficult. I got few strikes and even hooked into a few but never got a really good hook set, oh well it was fun though. The one fish made it worthwhile!

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cheech said...

Great pics bro. fun times. Teaching Andy the ways of taking turns... nice