Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fly Tying...the new hobby

I have taken up a new hobby....... Fly tying! It is incredibly fun and frustrating all at the same time, a challenge . There is always something to learn, always something to improve on.... and a chance to catch fish on something that I created. I am surprised how many different kinds of materials are used to create these flies. Birds, deer , elk, rodents, not to mention any kind of material found in the lint dryer. I think my next hobby is going to involve the old shotgun, that way I will never have to buy feathers again!!!

This box of flies only took 50 hours 12 red bulls and 2 hissy fits :)



I can not believe this is your first tie! That's so buggie! I love the milky glossmer larva! Nice work, Bryan!

BG said...

Well, not the very first... but first tie in 17 years...Close enough : )